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Podcast: Episode 11


#11 In this weeks ATFMB podcast, I talk about scifi television, including the renewal of Fox hit Fringe for a 3rd season, Chuck’s ratings win that might mean a 4th season and how i09 has a list of 25 books…

My reading list


I’ve been feeling a little stale lately when it comes to reading. I’ve bought several books, started them and then moved on without finishing em. This happens from time to time. With that in mind, I made a trip to…

Influences Part 3


Star Trek: The Original Series. Probably one of the strongest influences on my life from a very young age was the original Star Trek. Rerun in syndication almost endlessly, the original Star Trek was huge in my life growing up. …

Influences Part 1


Everyone is influenced by the people in their lives, by the things they enjoy; movies, books, tv shows – you name it. I’m no different. If you’ve read this blog for a bit, you probably have a sense of what…

Catch up with Evermist!


So.  Chapter 16 of the WILDLY POPULAR WEB SERIAL Evermist hits the Internet today.  Are you excited?! If you haven’t been reading it, I want you to know – you make me sad.  I mean, here I am, slaving over…

Get caught up on Evermist


Evermist is a new, serial science fiction piece being released as part of my, ‘Tales From The New Universe’ series. New episodes will be released every week over at the Evermist site! Don’t miss out on a single episode! Add…

V (pilot episode)


So, last night, V premiered on ABC and I, like many of you, watched with much anticipation.

Leading up to this whole thing, I rewatched (mostly) the original V mini-series, aired Sunday on the channel formerly known as SciFi, to refresh my memory on the whole thing.

In the original, the Visitor’s come to Earth speaking of friendship and offering advancements in medical knowledge and technology in exchange for our helping them refine a chemical they depend on for their existence.