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Star Trek: The No Win Scenario


Star Trek The No-Win Scenario (Star Crossed) One of the things I wanted to talk about with the whole Star Trek Comics at DC thing, was the treatment of Kirk in the Academy, and his solution to the Kobayashi Maru…

Get caught up on Evermist


Evermist is a new, serial science fiction piece being released as part of my, ‘Tales From The New Universe’ series. New episodes will be released every week over at the Evermist site! Don’t miss out on a single episode! Add…

V (pilot episode)


So, last night, V premiered on ABC and I, like many of you, watched with much anticipation.

Leading up to this whole thing, I rewatched (mostly) the original V mini-series, aired Sunday on the channel formerly known as SciFi, to refresh my memory on the whole thing.

In the original, the Visitor’s come to Earth speaking of friendship and offering advancements in medical knowledge and technology in exchange for our helping them refine a chemical they depend on for their existence.

My Take on Battlestar Galactica: The Plan


If you’re a fan, you remember that the opening of Battlestar Galactica’s first and second seasons always ended with: “AND THEY HAVE A PLAN”. ‘They’ were the Cylons and ‘The Plan’ wasn’t necessarily apparent beyond ‘Frakking kill all the humans’. Which, if you’re a cybernetic lifeform bent on destroying your creators, isn’t such a bad plan, really.

Evermist Continues Today


If you missed it last week, you may want to go check out Chapter 1 of my new scifi serial ‘Evermist’ over at: http://www.atfmb.com/Evermist. Chapter 2 drops today at 12:30 pm, mst! ~P

Evermist-Chapter 1


Chapter One Elias folded his good white shirt and placed it in the duffel atop his other worldly possessions he was allowed to take with him; two pairs of pants – one black, one dark blue, small clothes and undershirts,…



In order to be more consistent and offer my readers a reason to come back every week, I’m launching a new, serialized piece of fiction called Evermist today. New chapters will come every Friday (for now). Now, Evermist is not…