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3 Podcast Conversations – Loads of Fun

Into the Fire by Patrick Hester - small featured image

I’ve recently had the opportunity to be on a couple of podcasts talking about writing and my new novel, Samantha Kane: Into The Fire. All were incredibly fun! First two are from my friends over at Beyond The Trope where I got…

Writing Journal Y2 Day 355


Writing Year in Review I started 18 new Scrivener Projects in 2012.  This shows a lot of restraint on my part.  (I have double that and change in my 2011 writing folder) That breaks down to 5 novel projects, and…

Writing Journal Y2 Day 240


So, last time, I decided that I wanted to talk about my novel, Sam Kane: Into the Fire.  I started with some background info on the main character, Samantha Kane.  Today, I want to talk about her Yoda in the…

Random Life Updates


Been quiet for a few days due to stuff. Job Stuff.  Still nothing on the job front.  Aside from figuring out how to make my resume flash with red and blue lights, I don’t know what else to do to…

Writing Journal: Y2 Day 123


It’s been a long time since my last Writing Journal (50 days). I’ve started and stopped several new journal posts in that time.  I can make excuses about why I haven’t journaled, including the whole unemployment thing, but really it…

Writing Journal: Y2 Day 73


Last time, I mentioned that I was going into edit/revision mode for Sam Kane Book 2, which I did.  I also sent out a ton of resumes, hit a job fair, recorded some podcasts – but we’re here to talk…