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The Next Generation-Highs and lows


As with any great comic book series based on a licensed television property, DC’s Star Trek: The Next Generation had it’s ups and downs.  They were able to do things that the television show could never do for various reasons,…

The Next Generation-DC Comics


In 1989, the ongoing, monthly series based on the hit television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, hit comic book shelves everywhere.  Written by Michael Jan Friedman and drawn by Pablo Marcus, this series was better than the 6-issue miniseries…

Star Trek The Next Generation in Comics


I can still remember the excitement when the commercials started; there was a new Star Trek coming soon. The channel was 26 (that’s UHF, folks), KMPH, in Fresno California. It was.. 86? 87? Probably the latter.  This new Star Trek…