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Friday Flick: The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox

Unofficial Description: I gave up after 28 mins. Seriously, this one is far too slow a burn for me. The mystery wasn’t compelling enough to keep me hooked and I ended up turning it off. The premise should be compelling,…

Friday Flick: Batman vs. Two-Face

Batman Vs Two-Face

Unofficial Description: The 60’s Batman television show has a warm place in my heart – but I can’t watch it anymore. Having said that, I think this animated movie is an extremely clever and successful way to recapture the spirit…

Friday Flick: Braven

Braven - Jason Momoa

Unofficial Description: I like a good action flick – this qualifies. If you needed more evidence that Jason Momoa is a bad-ass – here ya go. Action flicks have evolved through the decades, but the core is still the same…

Friday Flick: Batman and Harley Quinn


Unofficial Description: It continues to surprise me how DC can manage to make some fairly fantastic animated movies, and fail miserably with live action movies. This is no exception. Set (I believe) in the animated universe that began with the…

Friday Flick: Birth of the Dragon

Birth of the Dragon Small

Unofficial Description: Well. I love Bruce Lee. Excited to have a new movie about his early days. Wish they would’ve made that movie instead of this one. I mean, who sits down and says, “I know! Let’s do a movie…

Friday Flick: Power Rangers

Power Rangers

Unofficial Description: Well. This was way better than I had expected it to be. Like – way, way better. I was impressed. I missed the Power Rangers mania that swept this country back in the day. Never got into the…

Friday Flick: Baywatch

Baywatch Small

Unofficial Description: In a world where we don’t really need any more reboots, comes a reboot of the stupidest show ever made that totally conquered the world… I’m gonna admit – I never watched Baywatch on television. I tried a…

Friday Flick: Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond


Official Description: Wow. This just blew me away when I caught it on Netflix. I remember liking the movie “Man on the Moon” with Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman, but I had no idea how much he’d gone down the rabbit…

Friday Flick: The Mummy


Unofficial Description: What The Fuck? There’s all these stories about the offices of National Lampoon or Saturday Night Live, where the writers and actors would do massive amounts of drugs while drinking enough alcohol to bring an elephant to its…