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Life, updates and new things


A few updates. Mom I’ve been talking a lot lately about the stuff going on around here, especially with my mom. Not a lot has changed. I’m concentrating on one step at a time with her. She is very resistant…

Just about Life

Gail Carriger Accepting the 2014 hugo Award for Best Fancast

So.  It’s been a crazy couple weeks around here.  This will be a long post. Let’s start of with the good. On Sunday, August 17th, at LonCon3 – the 2014 WorldCon – I won a Hugo award for Best Fancast…

Photo Friday: Sword


Remember when a toothpick (or plastic) spear in your food was a sword?  My mom was a bartender and she always had the little sword spears around.  I would take these and my G.I. Joes or Star Wars action figures…

Serving Size


Mom’s had a few checkups recently – these are her regular checkups plus her post-cancer surgery ever-6-months-for-the-rest-of-her-life full body scan checkups.  In her regular checkup, her doctor told her that her blood pressure was a little high and he’d like…

Conversation with mom


Mom’s comments about the movie, ‘Angels & Demons’, which takes place in Vatican City: *sorta spoilery but not really* Mom: “Ooo.  That was a good movie.” Me: “Yeah?” Mom: “I really liked it.” Me: “Good!’ Mom: “Those Illuminati…  You know –…