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April Means Taxes


April.  Tax time.  April 15th, today – is it.  Blargh. I can honestly say I have never met anyone who expressed to me their happiness to pay taxes.  Most people complain about taxes, about the government charging them taxes, so…

Five Questions


It’s time for…. FIVE QUESTIONS! Yes, I normally do this on Facebook.  Get over it. Okay!  So – here we go: Puffy Cheetos or Crunchy Cheetos? Wireless Mouse or Wired Mouse? Honey or Sugar? Captain America or The Winter Soldier?…

Looking in from the Outside

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Looking in from the outside is always interesting.  Not always fun or productive. Within our community of genre authors and fans, there are a lot of people who complain about cons.  Specifically, with how they are run.  I’ve done this…



I’ve been visiting a game store recently.  As such, I have found myself craving to play certain games, try new things. When I was a teenager (and beyond), my friends would descend upon my (or my mom’s) house and we…

Security Blankets


I think we all have some kind of security blanket, whether it’s an actual blanket, a familiar place, a person, a book – something-one-place-thing where we go to rest and recharge, where we know we are safe. I was trying…

Spring Cleaning


I was staring at my desk and I suddenly felt claustrophobic. Pretty sure my home office needs a thorough spring cleaning. Hell, my house needs a spring cleaning. My life might, too. Just toss all the crap dragging me down…



Several people have told me I need to be more confident and assertive. When I hear this, my brain goes to ‘you need to be an asshole’. I know the two are not the same, yet in my personal life,…

Undercooked Fries


Don’t you hate it when you buy French Fries, and you get a lot that are undercooked, and some that are way overcooked? And then it becomes a metaphor for the rest of your week? Everything is either underformed, or…