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Where do we go from here?


It’s that time of year again. October. The weather is turning colder. The leaves are changing colors. And the anniversary of the birth of the little guy in the picture to the right pops up. Which leads me to become…

Just about Life

Gail Carriger Accepting the 2014 hugo Award for Best Fancast

So.  It’s been a crazy couple weeks around here.  This will be a long post. Let’s start of with the good. On Sunday, August 17th, at LonCon3 – the 2014 WorldCon – I won a Hugo award for Best Fancast…

The New Job


So. As you may know – if you follow me on social media – I have a new job! If you don’t follow me on social media – wtf? Seriously? Why not? I mean – what did I ever do…

Success, Long Nights (and Days) and the Pikes Peak Writers Conference


So. I set out with a goal of writing a blog post every day for the entire month of April. With this very post right here, I have succeeded!

What was the point? Well – to get me back into the habit again. I haven’t been blogging much lately and I missed it. Also, I wanted to get back into the swing of writing every day – which I have.

Now – I promised a Pikes Peak Writers Conference wrap up post, and this is that post, too. So without further adieu… (this is a long one)

On Thursday April 24th around 2 pm ish, I was going through a mental checklist of what I would need for the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. That list included packing, which I hadn’t done yet, and figuring out how I wanted to handle getting to the conference. The conference itself began on Friday the 25th, but there was a special ‘add on’ for Thursday I had passed on myself….

Is This April Thing Over Yet?

Photo on 2013-09-16 at 23.03_small

What?! No! Shut up! Gawd! I’m trying to do something here, okay? Write a post every day. What’s wrong with that? Have I had some stinkers?  Sure. What’s it matter to you? Sheesh. I’ve got one day left in April.…

No, I Won’t Get You Lunch Today


Okay – I really want to blog about the awesomeness that was the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, 2014, but that requires more time than I have today for blogging – so instead, I’m gonna talk about being the lunch person.…

The Grow House


Across the street from where I work is a nondescript building with boarded up windows and a heavy-looking door with deadbolt locks and giant padlocks.  It’s a grow house, a place where they grow mj legally for the Colorado retail…

The Gym?


When I was in high school, one year my P.E. class spent quite a lot of time in the gym.  The idea was to teach us about the various equipment, how to use it, and how to work out. The…