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How do you know what to read?


I hate shopping. Well, that’s not true – I like shopping for certain things like DVD’s, music, video games, gadgets – but groceries, clothing, toothpaste – I hate it.  Especially the toothpaste.  I mean, do we REALLY need a hundred…

Review: Mage-Guard of Hamor


I recently talked about the author L.E. Modesitt Jr. and his book, Natural Ordermage.  Well, there was a second piece to that story that takes up almost immediately where the first book left off: Mage-Guard of Hamor. Again, this is…

Review: Natural Ordermage


It’s no secret that author L.E. Modesitt Jr. is a favorite of mine.  His Recluse and Spellsong Cycle books are among my favorites, going into the ‘re-read’ category of my little library here at home – meaning, I re-read them…