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INTO THE FIRE available pretty much everywhere!

Into the Fire by Patrick Hester - small featured image

Samantha Kane: Into the Fire, my new Urban Fantasy Novel, is now available pretty much everywhere! I’m excited you can download the eBook or order the paperback of my new book, published by WordFire Press, by following any of these fine…

A Birthday Present from Me to You


Hi there! Guess what?  It’s my birthday!  Rather than ask for presents, I figured I’d give one to all of you. Starting today through Sunday, I will be at MileHiCon.  While I’m there, I’m making my eBook, Cahill’s Homecoming, available…

New eBook: Witchcraft & Satyrs Now Available


February’s free eBook giveaway is now available for purchase via Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble! A lot of people downloaded Witchcraft & Satyrs when I gave it away to members of my email list, but now I’ve uploaded it to…

Kind Words


Hi Patrick, I just wanted to drop you a quick, longer-than-140-characters note about your ebook. Here’s the thing: I have contractual deadlines to meet, I’m in the middle of end-of-term marking, and there are about a million work-related things I’m…

Evolution of an eBook Cover


I mentioned yesterday that I’ve put together an eBook containing the popular ‘Conversations with my Cat’ posts from this blog, adding in some new and unpublished posts, notes and commentary.  That eBook should be available for purchase soon – but…