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3 Podcast Conversations – Loads of Fun

Into the Fire by Patrick Hester - small featured image

I’ve recently had the opportunity to be on a couple of podcasts talking about writing and my new novel, Samantha Kane: Into The Fire. All were incredibly fun! First two are from my friends over at Beyond The Trope where I got…

A couple of things


I was contacted by Garrett Calcaterra to do an interview that ended up being used as part of a larger piece for Black Gate on writing from the perspective of four authors who are at different stages of their respective…

Worldcon Interviews


Are you a published author? Are you going to Worldcon in San Antonio? Would you like to do a podcast interview while AT Worldcon in San Antonio? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these things – we need to…

Awkward Interviews


There are good interviewers, bad interviewers, and a slew of people who are somewhere in between.  I’ve been complimented on my podcast interviews, and I appreciate those comments immensely.  My style is conversational.  I don’t (normally) prepare questions ahead of…