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3 Podcast Conversations – Loads of Fun

Into the Fire by Patrick Hester - small featured image

I’ve recently had the opportunity to be on a couple of podcasts talking about writing and my new novel, Samantha Kane: Into The Fire. All were incredibly fun! First two are from my friends over at Beyond The Trope where I got…

Want to be interviewed for the SF Signal Podcast at Worldcon?


Well, WorldCon is almost here! I’m excited. Are you excited? Once again, I’ll be filling up some of my time at WorldCon doing in-person interviews with authors, editors and artists. If you’re interested in being one of those folks, all…

On Being in Locus


I’m thrilled to be part of a Locus Spotlight about SF Signal!  The article appears in the March issue of the magazine, but is also available online. The interview featured questions for myself, John DeNardo and JP Frantz, all about…

Worldcon Interviews


Are you a published author? Are you going to Worldcon in San Antonio? Would you like to do a podcast interview while AT Worldcon in San Antonio? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these things – we need to…