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Review: Welcome to the Jungle


At the tender age of six years old, Harry Dresden became an orphan. His mother, Margaret Gwendolyn LeFay McCoy Dresden, had died giving birth to Harry and his father, Malcolm, died of a brain aneurysm leaving Harry all alone. For a few years, he lived in foster care until he turned ten and his ability with magic manifested itself.

Quick Bits


A few quick bits going around in my head today, April 15th, 2009. First off: Why the BBC and SciFi should make a deal to air Doctor Who in a -timely- fashion in the states, no more of this year…

Review: Blood Rites


I’ve been reading the Dresden files for a while now, so I’m really hooked. “Blood Rites” is by no means the latest book in the series, it’s simply the latest one I’ve read and I really liked it. Harry Dresden:…