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Review: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths


Crisis on Two Earths plays on the Crisis on Infinite Earths series by introducing an earth where the Justice League is lead by none other than Lex Luther, and where that Justice League has been beaten by a super powered criminal empire known as the Crime Syndicate.

Flash Fiction: The Legend of Aoudjila


© 2009, Patrick Hester.  All Rights Reserved Tales from The New Universe: The Legend of Aoudjila Zohhāk fled from the great city early in the summer, making his way across the blistering desert where he intended to die. His lover…

Flash Fiction: Free Falling


This is an original work of Flash Fiction by Patrick Hester © 2009 All Rights Reserved Free Falling Falling from a thirtieth floor window sucks. If you don’t have a parachute, it’s worse.  Still, I don’t panic.  I still have…