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Wednesday Doodle: The Dark Arts


I doodle.  You doodle too.  Today I have doodled for you… BEHOLD!  A couple of nefarious people doing nefarious things… This one is another example of my scanner not liking my pencils.  Everyone (and thing?) is a critic…  Essentially you…

Wednesday Doodle: Horned Head Dude


I doodle.  You doodle too.  Today I have doodled for you… BEHOLD!  A Dude with big ears and horns… I actually saw this dude in a book and tried to do my own version… If you have a doodle you…

The Obligatory MileHiCon Schedule Post


I had such a great time last year that, once again, I will be attending MileHiCon at the Hyatt Regency in Denver’s Tech Center over the weekend.  Lot’s of stuff going on at the con, including Author Guests of Honor…

Wednesday Doodle: One of Mine


I doodle.  You doodle too.  I have proof! BEHOLD!  I have doodled once again: The scanner did not like the pencils, so I apologize for the scan quality. As for the rest of it – it’s your classic hero pose…

Writing Journal Y2 Day 352


It’s been a weird couple of weeks.  I continue to write and push forward but I had a few days where no words hit the page.  Definitely in the home stretch, though. After breaking all the characters up for a…

Free Story: Sword & Sorcery


Untitled Sword & Sorcery Short Story Length: 4,591 Draft: 1st Draft, no edits by: Patrick Hester © 2011 All Rights Reserved The Witch King, bored, called upon the demi-god Utesh, for inspiration. A hundred bodies littered the ground below the…

Something new


A while ago, the idea came up to do something a little different with the SF Signal podcast.  Lots of people were making favorable comparisons between our weekly panel discussions and the panels you might see at a World Con. …

Retro Review: Tales of the Gold Monkey Part 2


Tales of the Gold Monkey follows the adventures of a former Flying Tiger named Jake Cutter who is working and flying in a French controlled area of the South Pacific in 1938. He is joined by his best friend and mechanic, Corky, and his one eyed dog Jack.