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Have a chapter on me


Rather than a writing journal today, I thought I’d share a chapter from a novel I’ve been working on.  Well, re-working on.  I’ve changed it up based on feedback from one of my critique groups, and some comments on twitter…

Sample-My New Short Story


One day I was sitting here and I thought, we need more cowboys in space.  This lead me to sit down at the computer and start writing.  The result was originally called ‘The Brothers of Katie Rose’; an homage to…

Excerpt Day 6: The Road to Faloan 2


I have  shared with you a couple of chapter excerpts from ‘The Queen of Shadows’, the book I wrote in 3 days. To be honest with you, I didn’t even pause before I started working on the next book, ‘The…

Excerpt Day 5: The Road to Faloan


I managed some good stuff on the sequel to my ‘written in 3 days’ book ‘The Queen of Shadows’, and wanted to share some of it with you here today.  Yesterday, I introduced you to a couple of characters who…

Excerpt Day 4: The Queen of Shadows 2


Yesterday, I introduced you to the book I wrote in 3 days, ‘The Queen of Shadows’.  Well, at least to one of the better bits of it. In order to setup tomorrow’s excerpt from the sequel, ‘The Road to Faloan’,…