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A Book I haven’t read yet: Gardens of the Moon


I bought this one because I’d read something about the author, Steven Erikson, that was intriguing.  Here was a guy who plotted out 10 novels set in a world he co-created.  That’s simply amazing. So, the official stuff: The Malazan…

A Book I haven’t read yet: Medalon


Think of these posts as the opposite of a review – cuz I haven’t actually read the book yet… I have impulse control problems – especially when it comes to buying books.  SO, this results in my always having a…

Review: Taliesin


So, I admit, I’m a little behind on this one. Taliesin, by Stephen R. Lawhead, was released in 1990, but I only recently picked it up on a visit to Barnes & Noble when I was looking for something to…