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Review: Batman & Robin-Batman Reborn


Batman is dead; sacrificed for the greater good trying to stop Darkseid in Final Crisis. In the aftermath of his death, Gotham descends into a crime wave. Once before, when Bane broke the Batman, Dick Grayson assumed the mantle of the Bat to bring order back to the city.

Batman: Prodigal


If you could say one nice thing about the whole mega crossover extravaganza event called ‘Knightfall’, ‘Knightquest’ and ‘KnightsEnd’ – it’s that it had a monumental epilogue that every Batman fan (I think) wanted to see: Dick Grayson stepping up…

Batman: KnightsEnd


The culmination of a story that had Batman beaten and broken, then replaced, KnightsEnd sees Bruce Wayne return to reclaim his mantle and his city. Gotham is a mess. Police Commissioner Gordon no longer trusts the Batman, Robin has been…

Batman: Knightquest


Following Knightfall, Knightquest was the aftermath of Bane breaking The Batman’s back in the Batcave, then taking over Gotham. Something had to be done. Gotham needed a Batman. Knightquest was actually two separate storylines. In the first, The Search, Bruce…

Batman: Knightfall


In the early nineties, the event was the thing in comics. Several high profile sales of rare comics had brought tons of people to comic book stores to purchase comics as collectibles / investments. You could call it the ‘heyday’…

Comic Nostalgia: The Batman


My memories of The Batman were of a guy running around in a light blue/gray pair of tights making bad puns and dancing the ‘Batusi’. While those memories were fond ones from my childhood, they were also quite silly. I…