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Writing Journal Y2 Day 355


Writing Year in Review I started 18 new Scrivener Projects in 2012.  This shows a lot of restraint on my part.  (I have double that and change in my 2011 writing folder) That breaks down to 5 novel projects, and…

Author Fest of the Rockies


So. The 7th Annual Author Fest of the Rockies is taking place September 28th & 29th in Manitou Springs Colorado.  I’ll be there doing a couple of presentations; Podcasting for Creatives and Social Media for Authors.  If you are in…

The Obligatory Chicon 7 Post


How to sum up my Chicon experience… Well, I resolved to have a better Worldcon versus Reno by reaching out to more people, arranging more interviews and planning out my time better. I managed to accomplish these goals and then…