Samantha Kane: Into the Fire by Patrick HesterSamantha Kane‘s life is complicated. She was recently promoted to detective with the Denver PD and the training hasn’t exactly gone as planned, her dad, who was a beat-cop in Denver for nearly thirty years, is having serious health issues, the guilt trips from her mom are heavier than a mountain, and her little brother is taking advantage of it all to become the snottiest teenager she has ever known.

And in the middle of all that, weird things start happening to her and a man shows up to tell her she was never supposed to be a cop. Her destiny?

To be a Wizard.

The REVIEWS are coming in:

“Into the Fire is Patrick Hester’s first full-length published novel, though he’s spun some shorter tales (including Cahill’s Homecoming, reviewed here). His experience as a storyteller comes through, because I was hooked into the story right from the start. I breezed through half of it in one sitting and finished it off two days later. There are some clear homages and/or nods to Jim Butcher’s hugely popular Dresden Files (both Patrick and I are big fans of those books), like the mystery/supernatural hybrid and the antagonistic relationship between Wizards and Vampires. There’s enough in Samantha, and the story itself, to set it apart as something its own, which is a more difficult trick to pull off than it might seem.” Rob Bedford –

“I don’t normally read Urban Fantasy. I have tried several times and don’t usually enjoy it. Patrick Hester’s “Into the Fire” was different. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The pacing was good and I never got bored. There were enough twists and turns that I got wrong to keep it interesting. I also liked Hester’s take on Vampires and other mythical creatures. I am excited for the next book in the series.” Tad Hanson – Fan – Nook Review

“Maintaining a meaty pace with a few tasty twists and some succulent gore, I devoured this. I want seconds! What happens next?” Cazzyline – Fan – Review

“Patrick Hester’s “Into the Fire” hooked me from the beginning. Mr Hester’s writing style is excellent; fast-paced, clean, and detailed enough to immerse the reader in the world without drowning him or her in trivialities.” Goblynpunk – Fan – Nook Review

“If you dig Jim Butcher’s DRESDEN FILES, you’ll love this book. First rate urban fantasy with a sassy protagonist and a surprisingly deep plot. Part murder mystery, part hero’s journey with lots of humor and pop culture references.” John Anealio – Functional Nerds

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