I am a contributor to a couple of other sites now, and I’ve done some guests posts and I have the podcasts – so I thought it was time to put a page together that showcased all of that and aggregated it for anyone looking for me on the web.  I was gonna call this page ‘Google’, but apparently that name is already taken…

Posts on SfSignal.com (see all by clicking here)

Posts on Grasping for the Wind

Guest Blogger Posts


  • Recaps of tv shows like The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Supernatural, Chuck, etc. Updates often.

Functional Nerds Podcast (Producer/Host)

SfSignal.com Podcasts (Producer/Host/Moderator)

I should be Writing (Producer)


*NEW!* Functional Nerds ATFMB Column (click here to see all posts)

*NEW!* KirkusReviews Blog covering Graphic Novel adaptations of Literary works

*NEW!* BookLifeNow.com

*NEW!* InkPunks.com

I will be updating this page as I write more stuff for other folks, so check back often for more information.