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Conversations with Stupid

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This post is part of my Conversations with Stupid seriesMe: Hey! Milk time. Stupid: Who wants a hug? Me: No, not a hug. I said I want milk.  Give me milk. Stupid: Okay, okay, I’ll give you a hug!  Come…

Evolution of an eBook Cover


I mentioned yesterday that I’ve put together an eBook containing the popular ‘Conversations with my Cat’ posts from this blog, adding in some new and unpublished posts, notes and commentary.  That eBook should be available for purchase soon – but…

Conversations with my Cat


Me: *walks up the stairs. As my foot comes down on the landing, Shadow the cat races up from the bottom step and shoots between my feet to get there first* Shadow the cat: *spins and stares* Me: …ok.  *walks…