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Half-Day Scrivener Workshop April 27th

Pikes peak Writers Conference 2017

You may have picked up on the fact I love Scrivener. I love it so much I spread the word and teach writers all about the software whenever I can. Why? There are a lot of misconceptions about what Scrivener…

Teaching Scrivener at Superstars of Writing

Scrivener Logo

As mentioned on the latest Functional Nerds podcast, I’ve been invited to Superstars of Writing to teach THREE Scrivener classes, and to talk about podcasting! The Scrivener classes will be broken up as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and involve a…

Learn Scrivener From Me – New Online Classes


You’ve heard all your writer friends talking about it. Scrivener. Now you’re curious, but afraid to take the plunge. Word kinda works for you. Plus, you have a system. A routine. Breaking out of that routine is a little scary.

I get that.

And it’s okay!

But if you’ve ever wanted to learn a little more about Scrivener to see if it’s right for you and the way you write – or want to write – now’s your chance.

I’m teaching 2 online classes this month – a basic and an advanced class on Scrivener. The basic class will be free. The advanced class is paid. I have a special link for you on the advanced class that will get you a discount, so…

Scrivener Update: 2.4.1


Well.  I finally did it.  I installed the update for Scrivener.  This brings me up to the 2.4.1 version and should fix some bugs – I’m just not certain that I was aware of the bugs.  Either way, I’ve done…