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Learn Scrivener From Me – New Online Classes


You’ve heard all your writer friends talking about it. Scrivener. Now you’re curious, but afraid to take the plunge. Word kinda works for you. Plus, you have a system. A routine. Breaking out of that routine is a little scary.

I get that.

And it’s okay!

But if you’ve ever wanted to learn a little more about Scrivener to see if it’s right for you and the way you write – or want to write – now’s your chance.

I’m teaching 2 online classes this month – a basic and an advanced class on Scrivener. The basic class will be free. The advanced class is paid. I have a special link for you on the advanced class that will get you a discount, so…

Scrivener Update: 2.4.1


Well.  I finally did it.  I installed the update for Scrivener.  This brings me up to the 2.4.1 version and should fix some bugs – I’m just not certain that I was aware of the bugs.  Either way, I’ve done…