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My MileHiCon 46 Panel Schedule


October 24th – 26th, I will be attending MileHiCon 46 in the Denver Tech Center.  I’d love to see you there! I’m doing panels and a live podcast recording on Saturday and Sunday.  I will also be co-MCing the Mask…

Just about Life

Gail Carriger Accepting the 2014 hugo Award for Best Fancast

So.  It’s been a crazy couple weeks around here.  This will be a long post. Let’s start of with the good. On Sunday, August 17th, at LonCon3 – the 2014 WorldCon – I won a Hugo award for Best Fancast…

Photo Friday: More Snow Melt

thumbnail snow melt water fall

Here is the photo: “Now that’s a…river?” “Waterfall.” “Mostly.  I bet it’s cold.” *Tries it* “Oh yes. It’s cold!” This was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2014.