Welcome back to My Brain

Well. It’s been a while. Far too long, actually. Been dealing with life, stuff and things – which I’ll endeavor to explain a little in another post. Still am dealing with those things, actually, but I want to get back to being here and writing posts if for no other reason than to get some stuff out of my brain and into the ether we call the Interwebz. 

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve completely overhauled this site. I wanted a clean start and a new look. So I made that happen. It was an adventure, one that started at COSine in January. Hanging out with authors always sparks that creative passion again. But it flared and died all too quickly. Then I got to do a couple of solo author interviews for the podcast (KB Wagers & Shannon Lawrence) and found myself right back there again, feeling the creative spark itching at me to do something, anything, creative again. 

Rather than let that die, I immediately sat down at my laptop and asked myself what I could do with the time I have available to me. Blogging seemed like the best fit for now. But I didn’t want to restart that with my website in the state it was in. I jumped onto ThemeForest, did a little searching and found a new theme I liked, bought it, and installed it.

Which broke the website. Horribly. Ugh. I spent the rest of the day unwinding that. It wasn’t as easy and just going back to the previous theme – the new one had changed some settings. So I rebuilt the old site and went to bed. Woke up the next day (Sunday) with a fire to get it done. Spent every free moment working on the site and still didn’t get it up and running correctly, but at least in a better spot. I threw up an under-construction page and went to work. 

It took me another couple of weeks and change to get everything where I wanted it to be. BUT – I love it! I hope you do, as well. (The whole rebuild adventure/nightmare will probably be its own post, so…)

Anywhoo – now I am going to blog again. Once a week to start. Also gonna be mixing things up with different subjects. Heck, with a site like All Things From My Brain, did you really expect anything else?