Live and in person – MileHiCon 51 Schedule

I mentioned a few times on the podcast I am attending MileHiCon in October. IT’S MY FAVORITE CONVENTION AND IT’S LOCAL – OMG! I’ve got my Schedule and thought I would share it here to entice any of you thinking about coming to show up and harass me! Bonus: The 18th is my birthday! Double harass me!

I’m expecting an extravagant musical number to spontaneously break out in my honor during the opening ceremonies… A BIRTHDAY FLASH MOB! 😀

I did pretty good, with 5 panels and a hosting gig for the mixer! Check it out below:

Friday: October 18th

  • 4 PM Computers & Paranoia
    • Room: Mesa Verde A
    • Panelists: A. Burt, A. Feldman (M), P. Hester, D. Riley, N. VanDerWerken
  • 5 PM Group Reading & Discussion: Galaxy Spanning SF
    • Room: Mesa Verde C
    • Panelists: N. Godfrey, P.Hester (M), A. Mayer, W. McCarthy
  • 9 PM Writers’ Networking in the Bar
    • Room: Route 66 Bar in the con hotel
    • Hosts: A. Armstrong, T. Heermann, P. Hester

Saturday: October 19th

  • 10 AM Roundtable: Evolution of Easter Eggs and End Credits
    • Room: Bristlecone
    • Hosts: P. Hester, C. Ward
  • 3PM Hobbies Feeding Your Creativity
    • Room: Mesa Verde C
    • Panelists: M. Bethards, J. Fontana, P. Hester (M), J. Lindskold, C. Vaughn

Sunday: October 20th

  • 3 PM Patreon, Kofi, Drip, and other Alternate Funding Sources
    • Room: Wind River B
    • Panelists: R. Hayes, P. Hester (M), S. Litore, D. L. Summers

(An (M) next to a name indicates the moderator.)

If you’re on the fence about attending MHC, check out their website. I’m biased, but I think you’d enjoy it a lot 🙂 Here are a handful of memories…

If you want to know more about these memories, you’ll have to ask me – at the convention! 😉

Note: Online registration is closed. Tickets will be available at the door.