MileHiCon 50 and where I’ll be

MileHiCon 50 LogoI am going to be on programming for the 50th MileHiCon on October 19-21st at the Hyatt Regency DTC. I would LOVE to see as many of you there as possible! This is my favorite convention. The people are wonderful, the panels interesting and engaging, and there’s almost always something going on.

For more information about attending MileHiCon, prices, etc, please visit their website.

As for my schedule, I’ve got a lot going on this time around.


  • 3 PM in Mesa Verde C – 40 Years Since Superman: The Movie. The man, the myth, the legend and the changes on screens big and small – from Smallville to Dawn of Justice, Krypton and more…
    • Panelists include: J. Evans, L. Givens, (M) T. Heermann, P. Hester, J. Stein
  • 5 PM in Mesa Verde A – Group Reading & Discussion: Colorado is still Colorful. Discussion of the impact of place – especially our beautiful state – in fiction + short readings.
    • Panelists include: R. Ambrozic, N. Amicitia, P. Hester, L. MacNaughton, M. Tanzer (M)
  • 9 PM – Root 25 Taphouse / Hotel Bar – Writers Night Mixer & Networking. Free to attend, no badge required – only cost is whatever you eat or drink! Great opportunity to meet and greet local authors and artists + industry professionals. For more information, check out our Facebook Event.
    • Hosts: B. Dornbusch, T. Heermann, P. Hester and other friendly folk.


  • 1PM – Wind River B – Pop Culture Comfort-Food. When life is stressful, what is your comfort-food show, book, movie or game?
    • Panelists include: E. Cotman, P. Hester (M), E. Mah, M. Swanwick, C. Willis
  • 2 PM – Mesa Verde A – Group Reading & Discussion: We Love to Laugh. Discuss the build-up and punchlines in humorous SF/F and share short readings.
    • Panelists include: J. Bigelow, D. Dieter (M), J. Evans, P. Hester, M. Kilman


  • 1 PM – Hey, Kids, Let’s Put on a Podcast! From online talk to radio-style fiction and other permutations, podcasts are easier to start than ever.
    • Panelists include: P. Armstrong, P. Hester, N. Lowell (M), A. Metzroth, J. Zink

Again, I hope to see as many of you there as possible! You won’t be disappointed!