Half-Day Scrivener Workshop April 27th

You may have picked up on the fact I love Scrivener. I love it so much I spread the word and teach writers all about the software whenever I can. Why? There are a lot of misconceptions about what Scrivener is and what it does. I like to cut through all of that.

Pikes peak Writers Conference 2017And with that in mind, my next class is part of the 2017 Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Scrivener Bootcamp is a half-day, 3-hour workshop on Thursday, April 27th. Lunch and a second half-day workshop are included with the price of admission – through March 16th that’s just $90 to add it to your Full Conference or $150 for just the one day, two half-day workshops either way. You see, my class is in the afternoon. There are other classes in the morning and you can take one of those, then eat the provided lunch, and come learn Scrivener from me in the afternoon.

With me so far?

Good! Again, just $90 to add Thursday to your Full Conference, or $150 for Thursday as a stand-alone. But the Prices go up on March 16th, so register asap!

Now – let’s take a look at the morning sessions so you can see what you can pair with my Scrivener class:

  • Everything You Need To Know To Write A Novel Presented by Chris Mandeville
    • This intensive workshop provides a comprehensive overview of novel writing for beginning novelists.
  • Make Your Own Middle Earth: Worldbuilding with Mike Braff & Kevin Hearne Presented by Mike Braff & Kevin Hearne
    • In this three-hour long workshop you will learn the fundamentals of worldbuilding from New York Times Bestselling author Kevin Hearne and Del Rey editor Mike Braff.
  • Squared Away: How To Accurately Write Military Characters Presented by Kevin Ikenberry (and friends)
    • This three-hour presentation will start with a one-hour lecture on the most common things authors get wrong about the military and then will to an in-depth question and answer period with current service members, combat veterans, and recent retirees.

Any of those sound great to me! How about you?

As for my Scrivener Bootcamp workshop, you’l learn how to:

  • Setup Projects
  • Navigate the Binder, Corkboard and Outliner
  • Outline your novels, and structure your ideas
  • Have those outlines and notes side by side as you’re writing
  • Organize your projects
  • Export your Projects to share with agents and editors
  • Export your Outline and Synopsis
  • Get Scrivener to do what you need

I hope to see you at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Bring your laptop and be ready to learn about Scrivener!

P.S. It’s also a fantastic experience for writers overall. PPWC is a very welcoming environment and always a lot of fun.