The Obligatory Con Schedule: MileHiCon 48

It’s that time of year – October, and with that most orange and black of months comes one of my favorite things – MileHiCon!

MileHiCon 48 is happening this weekend – October 28th through the 30th at the Hyatt Regency, Denver Tech Center. That’s just 2 days away! The full schedule can be seen online here: Tickets are available at the door at this point – online sales are closed. This is my favorite con of the year and I really encourage folks to drop by for all the cool stuff going on.

Guests of honor this year are:

  • John Varley
  • Kelly Armstrong
  • Julie Dillon
  • Chaz Kemp – Toastmaster
  • Special Guest this year is L. Neil Smith.

I’ll be doing a lot this year. If you want to come see me, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

Friday, October 28th – 4 PM – Grand Mesa

The Podcast Triptych with Carrie Vaughn
The Functional Nerds, Beyond the Trope and Master Control are going to do a massive podcast recording with the amazing Carrie Vaughn.

Friday, October 28th – 9 PM – The Bar

The Friday Night Writers Mixer
Come hang out and meet other authors and artists, enjoy a drink and relax. This year, the good folks at Pikes Peak Writers – myself included – will be the hosts and greeters.

Saturday, October 29th – 1 PM – Mesa Verde C

Baby Boomer Anime
How did the anime of the ’60s to ’80s shape your taste and further pursuits? In the age of the remake (Voltron) how do the originals stand up today?

Sunday, October 30th – 10 AM – Wind River B

Cyberpunk & Anime: The Perfect Pair?
From the early days of anime, it has seemed like the perfect vehicle for cyberpunk. Given the flavor of cyberpunk and the flexibility of anime, is this a match that should be more frequent? Are they the perfect pair?

Sunday, October 30th – 1 PM – Wind River B

Behind the Scenes of a Podcast
What really goes on behind the scenes at a podcast? From the mundane to the meltdown inducing, our panelists will talk about it all.

I will also be manning the Pikes Peak Writers table throughout the con, so if you can’t find me at a panel, come see me there.