My WorldCon schedule and other stuff

WorldCon 2015Howdee folks. I know I’ve been less than stellar at updating the site recently. I apologize, but there’s lots going on which keeps me busy.

But, it’s that time of year when WorldCon rolls around, and I wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what I’ll be doing there in case someone wants to say hello.

  • Wednesday: Travel day
  • Thursday: *crickets*
  • Friday: *crickets*
  • Saturday: *crickets*
  • Sunday: *crickets*
  • Monday: Travel day
  • Interviews: See Below

You may have noticed a distinct lack of…everything in my schedule. I’m not gonna dwell on it. I sent several emails about being on programming starting back in November. In June, I finally got a reply to the latest email telling me I should’ve sent an email sooner if I wanted to be on programming, thus ignoring all the previous emails.

Ok. No point in arguing about it.

I prefer to look on the bright side – this frees me up to hang out with people I only get to see once a year, and have fun. Which I shall. In spades.

I might do a couple of interviews while at WorldCon. Anealio and I have talked about it and think it could be fun. However, I’d prefer to do some sort of panel piece with a few people. So, if you’re reading this, will be at WorldCon and want to do something like that, message me 😉

…also, I bought some cold-brew Lipton iced tea bags for Gail…. Shhh….

Mom update

Mom’s symptoms continue. It’s an odd thing when someone who doesn’t know you or the diagnosed person personally, perfectly describes their behavior down to the smallest details. And by ‘odd’ I mean kinda freaky. We had a follow-up with the neurologist, who has doubled down on her new medication. And during that follow-up, he talked about the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and the progression and course it takes. And it was spot-on with how mom has been lately.

I’m being vague on purpose and out of respect for mom. But, it freaked me out. Is still freaking me out.

Writing update

I continue to write amidst everything else. I have a book in production at a publisher right now, and that book is an urban fantasy. My current work in progress is a space opera – and I love it. And I get giddy every time I work on it and add to it, getting closer to it’s completion.

But, having a book from another genre in production, and also loving that book, and having a sequel draft to it already written, but in need of a rewrite – is truly messing with me. It’s that sexy story whispering in my ear wanting my attention that so many writers talk about.

Staying focused is more difficult than it’s ever been before. Which is interesting.

Once I’m done with this draft of the space opera, I will allow myself to work on book 2 of the urban fantasy again.

Also, I’ve seen the cover for the soon-to-be-published book… 😀


I’ve been reading a lot lately – almost exclusively audiobooks. And I’m loving it.

I am a binger. I binge television shows (thank you Netflix and Prime), and now I’m binging audiobooks. Which is interesting.

I’m trying to alternate between male and female authors, and that is working really well and I’m enjoying it.