Friday Flick: Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction DVD CoverOfficial Description: From the producer of Hostel and Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes a creepy and energetic found-footage thriller. This heart pulsing horror is based on the real North Carolina, Brown Mountain Lights sightings that date back to the Cherokee and Catawba Indians. Locals still tell stories of unexplained disappearances and many have suspected the lights are UFOs. Young Riley is an autistic boy who uses his hand held camera as a coping device to navigate a big world. While on a camping vacation with his family, he sees mysterious lights in the night sky, which he is able to record. Riley’s footage gives us an inside look into the alien threat stalking this family as their trip takes an ill-fated turn.

Unofficial Description: No.

More: Can I just say – I think the ‘found footage’ genre is over.

Even More: I mean, it was great when it was fresh and new and we hadn’t seen it before. Now, it’s just an excuse to make a cheap movie.

But, Seriously: I got about 30 minutes into this and then had to choose between smashing my head against the wall or turning it off. I chose the latter…