Last month on the SF Signal Podcast

0001-SFSignalPodcast-largeI don’t always do such a great job of representing my podcasts here on the blog, and that’s something I hope to change moving forward. As such…

In the month of October, I did a lot of podcasting over on SF Signal. I thought it might be nice to recap that here to give those episodes and authors, a little more exposure. Most were done in support of MileHiCon 47, my local con – which I love. And then I got to (finally) start posting the interviews I did at WorldCon back in August.

  • Episode 301: Author Amalie Howard
    • I got to meet Amalie (all too briefly) at MileHiCon after having done this interview. She said talking to me was like talking to a best friend. We connected really well and that comes through in the podcast. She is an amazing person and author, I highly suggest you check this one out.
  • Episode 302: Author Guy Anthony De Marco
    • I have known Guy for many years now. At one point, we were even in a critique group together. He is an incredibly kind person and in this interview, details a little of how he gave back to the author community, and MileHiCon, with the publication of a special charity anthology edited by the awesome Sam Knight.
  • Episode 303: Author Vivian Caethe
    • Josh Vogt introduced me to Vivian at MileHiCon, and I an grateful he did. An author and editor, Vivian is amazing. At MileHiCon this year, I kept seeing her in passing (as is too often the case at a con where you’re almost always in a hurry to get to a panel you’re either on, or really, really want to attend), but I finally got to sit down with her in the bar for a bit to chat. Felt like old friends meeting, and that also came through in this interview.
  • Episode 304: Author Jason Heller
    • Jason is involved with a lot of stuff, including a pair of movie series here in Denver at the Alamo Draft house. Because of this interview, I now know about those series, and already have tickets to see the Bashki Lord of the Rings on the 4th, and intend to see The Rocketeer later in the month. Had a lot of fun talking and connecting with Jason in this podcast.
  • Episode 305: Author Quincy J. Allen
    • Like Guy above, I have known and swam in the same circles as Quincy for years now. He is part of the WordFire Press team who so impressed in the dealers room this year at WorldCon. Quincy is a presence. You cannot miss him, and you wouldn’t want to either. He has a new book out, and we talk about that and his career in this interview.
  • Episode 306: Author Jeremiah Tolbert
    • This post is starting to feel like me bragging about my friends! This is the first of the WorldCon 2015 interviews to appear on SF Signal. I’ve known Jeremiah for years. I have hired him as a freelancer once, and tried a couple of other times too, though it never worked out that we could make that happen again. He is a prolific short story author with tons of stuff out there. He is also well known amongst authors for his amazing custom website designs. Definitely give this one a listen, and then head out and find his stories.
  • Episode 307: An Interview with Aliette de Bodard
    • Aliette was the talk of WorldCon. Her energy and enthusiasm could not be contained. Her new book, The House of Shattered Wings, sounds amazing. Meeting her and chatting with her was an absolute highlight of WorldCon for me this year, and you get to listen in 😉

Well – that’s it. Everything I podcasted for SF Signal in October – hope you like it!