Admit it – you’ve cleaned up your Netflix queue before guests come over

Nice title, right?

I was recently a guest at someone’s house and we decided to watch something from Netflix.  I never thought about it before, but that can be a real window into a person’s mind.  I mean, it’s all right there in front of you; their likes, dislikes, recommendations and viewing habits.  And do you really think about that before you invite people in to watch something?  is there anything embarrassing there?


I actually had a moment of panic as I sat there looking at someone else’s queue. My own is innocent.  Ridiculously so.  Because I’m a dork. Even my recommendations:


I honestly don’t know why Pumping Iron is there.  It’s the weirdest recommendation I’ve gotten in a long time. O_o

Maybe cuz I watch documentaries?

All of that aside, this whole thing got me thinking.  When I have company coming over, I clean; kitchen, living room, bathrooms, etc.  I de-clutter.  But it’s never occurred to me to clean up my Netflix queue or my computers and whatnot.  I don’t hide books or video games, shove my Magic cards in a drawer.


What’s the old trope from movies and tv shows?  The one where a person visiting someone else goes through their medicine cabinet?  That’s kinda what it felt like for me to be in someone else’s Netflix queue – kinda creepy.  I don’t know why.

What do you think?  Ever looked through someone’s Netflix queue or medicine cabinet?  Make you feel creeped out?  What if they went through yours?

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  • Clifton Hill Posted August 29, 2014 3:35 pm

    *chuckle*, sure, who knows what could be there. Could be the Bachelor! Or something worse.

    Good points. We set up a Guest account just to avoid messing with what we watch, but who knows what someone coming over might think if they stumbled across Dexter, saw it was about a psycho and looked at ya with a nervous twitch to their eye.

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