Writing Journal Y4 Day 203: More Improv

Wow.  it has been a long time since I last wrote anything for my Writing Journal!

I owe you a longer post, but for now I thought I’d share some more writing from my improv group.  We meet once a month, everyone brings some prompts, and we just write whatever pops into our heads – which can be awesome.

This one, well – I felt like I finished it.  I had more time but I didn’t take it. let’s see what you think.

Prompt: she asked if I knew what happened to the…

I turned away from the view of the planet below, stomach churning at the sight.  I’ve never been one who could handle heights before, and standing on a starship’s observation deck staring down at a blue-green planet with swirling clouds making patterns in the atmosphere?  That’s about as high as you can get.

Her voice had been soft, the words full of emotion.  She asked if I knew what happened to the rest of the crew.  Their pods were empty.  Layers of dust lay upon them and in the halls and passageways crisscrossing the ship.  When we woke, the silence… I’ve never heard anything so deafening before.  The isolation of it all threatened to topple whatever was left of my sanity.

I turned to her, echoes of their screams bouncing through my mind, and said, simply, “No.”

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  • partlowspool Posted July 23, 2014 10:52 am

    Keep writing it. I want to read the book that follows.

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