Writing Journal Y4 Day 106

ATFMB's Writing JournalI realized that I haven’t done a Writing Journal update in a while, so I owe you one or three.

What am I working on?  A few things, actually.  Recently finished a second draft on a sword and sorcery story.  Feedback has been positive.  Readers really like the magic system I have created, and the world.  People who know fighting (martial artists, reenacters, military people), say the fight scenes are very well done.  So I’m feeling good about it and have some markets in mind and plan to send it out soon.

My space opera is still cooking, and by that I mean I continue to work on it.  I’m obsessive about it, actually.  It’s a very complicated story and I don’t want to screw it up – hence the obsession.  I know I’ll have to let it go and put it out in the wilds eventually – but that’s not today.

My epic fantasy received mixed reviews from the critique group.  They are nearly done with it now and I have a lot to think about.  The entire first half of the book needs to be restructured and rethought.  Possibly excised.  There is a point where the critique group almost unanimously got on board and loved the story and the characters – but that point is slightly less than halfway through, leading me to my above comment.  I wonder now if the story doesn’t actually start there.

The other thing I’ve been working on is a brand new project.  It’s still well entrenched in the planning stages.  There’s a lot of worldbuilding going on.  Including maps of things.  I like maps.  You like maps?  Maps are fun. But they also are a particular rabbit hole for me, which is why I spent nearly an entire Sunday with my nose in Photoshop mapping away….

Other than that… I’m working on stuff for the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in…10 days?  Something like that.  I’ll be doing a small reading as part of a critique session, and have to figure out what, exactly, that’s going to be.