$12 Movie Tickets

My ‘local’ AMC Movie Theater has had a complete overhaul and is now called an ‘AMC Dine-In Experience’ or some such.

Features include:

  • Big, comfy chairs that recline
  • Tables in front of your seats
  • Dine-In service (waitstaff takes your food order and brings it to to you (ideally before) your movie stars)
  • $12 movie tickets

Wait – hold up.  $12 movie tickets?  Holy Fuck!

Let’s look at this.  Let’s assume a date night.  Two people, one movie.

  • Tickets: $24
  • Soft drinks: $9 (1 each – $4.50 for one if you share)
  • Popcorn (yes they still have popcorn): $4.50 for a tub

So far, we’re at $37.50.

I reiterate, Holy Fuck.

Now, imagine if you have kids.  2 kids adds another $24 to the ticket tab, bringing you up to $48!  For a movie!  And you know the kids are gonna want pop and candy and before you know it, a family outing to see the new Marvel flick is pushing $100…

Supposedly, switching it to the dine-in format was supposed to boost attendance, but at these prices, I can’t imagine how they thought it would work…


  • Paul Weimer Posted April 2, 2014 12:26 pm

    Movies are now “Events” rather than a cheap escape. Its a very strange change in what movies and what they are for.

  • Jamie Todd Rubin Posted April 2, 2014 6:08 pm

    I found this amusing because, in our area, the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, $12 for a movie is on the low end. We rarely get to the movies these days (once, maybe twice a year), but when we do, it easily runs $30 for two tickets. We don’t generally get concessions, but we do pay for a babysitter, so add another $30-40 to that and you’re talking $70 for a night a the movies.

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