Writing Journal Y4 Day 62: Improv 3

Continuing with the improv group writing today.

The rules are simple; everyone brings a prompt, something to start eh writing process.  You get your prompt and you write for five, ten or fifteen minutes depending on the prompt itself.  At the end of the time, you stop – no matter where you are in your writing – and you read it to the group.  Rinse, repeat.

Be kind and remember, they are raw.  🙂

Writing Prompt: Begin with the sentence “Out there you will only find”

Concept: My brain went scifi/future/Logan’s Run.  I only had 5 minutes, though…

Out there you will only find madness and chaos. There is no reason to leave the comfort of the dome. The dome is security. The dome is warmth. The dome is family. The dome is life.

Long ago, there was no dome. People wandered around aimlessly, without purpose or direction. Life, as they knew it, was harsh. Rape. Murder. Crimes of unspeakable magnitude that we shall not list here. This was the way of things. Common. Every day. But it was not life.

And so came the dome. Within, life bloomed. People cast off the bonds of the outside and embraced the security of the dome. With security came comfort. With comfort, prosperity. And with prosperity, family.

Who built it? We do not ask.