Friday Flick: Movie 43

Movie43Official Description: You’ve never seen anything quite like Movie 43…The year’s most outrageous and daringly original comedy, featuring the ultimate star-studded cast. No inappropriate storyline is off limits – including a ‘ballsy’ blind date, a middle school ‘period’ piece and more. Please don’t sue us if you die laughing.

Unofficial Description: Sigh.  I wanted to like this movie.  I swear!  But, it’s just stupid.  Plain stupid.  I’m sure the people who made it thought it was quite funny.  Which is sad on a whole other level. Like, you have sad, and then, thirty or forty levels below that, you have Carrot Top’s career, and then this movie.

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  • Clifton Hill Posted December 10, 2013 2:42 am

    I love that you stopped your review there.

    I watched The Internship recently. Great concept, poor execution.

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