Writing Journal Y3 Day 252

I return from Worldcon with a renewed sense of purpose.  There’s a lot of stuff swirling around about Worldcon, and it’s all important and needs to be discussed, but I want to take a moment to point out what it’s like to be surrounded by so much creative energy and output all in one space.  It’s exhilarating.  Heartening.  I don’t want to loose that feeling, I want to use it to spur me forward.

When you get so many authors together in one place, you realize there really are people out there who get you, get what you’re trying to do.  They understand.  When a best selling author gives voice to the same fears and insecurities as the guy who only has a couple short stories out there, you feel better about the whole thing; writing, publishing, creating.

Roller Coaster TrackI’ve lost focus this year.  There are lots of excuses, but they’re just that – excuses.  The stuff going on in my head, I need to move past it and write.  The rollercoaster ride has to end.

Talking to writers at worldcon, I was impressed that so many mentioned setting aside ‘quiet time’ at the con to write.  You read that correctly – they were writing.  At worldcon.  Because they’re pros.  They have the focus and the discipline and realize you have to write every day.  It’s a muscle and you have to be constantly stretching and working it.  I’ve lost that this year, and I want it back.

So I’m making a resolution of sorts.  No more bs.  No more getting mired in my head.  I’m just gonna write.  50 words or 5000 – I don’t care.

I just need to write.

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  • Ashley R Pollard Posted September 9, 2013 12:37 pm

    A writer has gotta write, said in best John Wayne voice.

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