A couple of things

quill_smallI was contacted by Garrett Calcaterra to do an interview that ended up being used as part of a larger piece for Black Gate on writing from the perspective of four authors who are at different stages of their respective careers.  M. Todd Gallowglas, Wendy Wagner and David B. Coe round out the list, and Garrett took our answers to various questions to build the post. It’s good reading, so I suggest you click over and take a look.

Gallowglas, Hester, Wagner & Coe: Four Authors Sound Off on the Writing Life of a Midlister

The entire interview also appears over on Garrett’s blog.  It’s an interesting piece, if I do say so myself.  He describes me as ‘an emerging SFF author’, and I’ll take it.  🙂  He asked some really good questions, and I think I gave some decent answers.  Please check it out.

The Man Behind the Podcasts: Patrick Hester