Writing Journal Y3 Day 231

trunkitThis feels as much a random thoughts post as it is a writing journal.  Fair warning.

When do you decide to trunk a novel?  It’s a hard decision to make.

When half the people reading it don’t like it, do you trunk it?


I spent all day Sunday writing, and not a lick of it was fiction – all blog posts.  Including this one.  I’ve been working on getting some interviews scheduled for Worldcon, which has proven more challenging than last time.  More people want to be on the podcast, which is a good thing.  But distracting.  Sort of.

I am (mostly) back to writing every day.  Not as many words as last year, but I’m working on getting back into the habit.  I keep telling myself, if I can manage a thousand words every day, that’s three hundred and sixty-five thousand words in a year.  There’s at least 3 books in there, and every word written pushes me forward.

Forward is the way to go, here.

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  • Ashley R Pollard Posted August 20, 2013 6:44 am

    Just fix it. I doubt the writing is boring, rather that things need adding, or removing, or rearranging for pace.

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