I Get Obsessed

Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 8.39.24 PMSo.  I went from a work environment whose focus was on the illusion of ‘professionalism’, to one that feels very Colorado to me, which is to say, casual.  When I say the illusion of professionalism, what I mean is that I have never thought that the clothes make the person.  I know this goes against accepted social conventions, but it comes from my personal experience.  I have known people to wear suits that cost more than my computer who I would not consider to be particularly ‘professional’.  And I’ve known people who wear sandals be more ‘professional’ than the people in suits.  So, clothing doesn’t necessarily make someone ‘professional’.  Are there exceptions to this?  Absolutely.  And I do get the perception of professionalism being tied to how you look.

your_first_doctorThe new job has a very casual dress code.  Most of the people there wear t-shirts and shorts.  But they are extremely professional, and the focus is always on getting the job done.  I’m seriously enjoying working there.  But me being me, I get focused on weird things.  Like which t-shirts to wear now that I can legitimately wear t-shirts to work.

In short – I want to out-nerd everyone else.  EVERYONE!  So I’ve been obsessing over my t-shirts.  OBSESSING!

“…I think I’ll wear The Green Hornet today… no! NO!  Joss Whedon is my Master now!  …or, I could wear my TARDIS shirt…  OH!  Punisher…  yeah… Wait.  Green Lantern?  Or my Marvel montage shirt?  ARGH!”

Yes.  I know.  I need to get over/past it.  BUT THESE ARE THE KINDS OF THINGS I OBSESS OVER!

Stupid brain.