I still can’t bring myself to buy Star Trek DVD’s

sttngI have this love/hate relationship with Star Trek.  On the love side, I love the shows (most of them), and the movies (most of them, too), and the books and comics.  On the hate side, I pretty much hate CBS and Paramount and the things they have done on the ‘business’ end of things.  It all started when Creation became the ‘licensed’ event promoter, turning Star Trek conventions into corporate screw jobs where you are nickled and dimed worse than any Disney park could dream of.

And then there’s the videos and DVD’s.

I remember when VHS was king, and you could get episodes of The Next Generation, for example, for $24.99 per tape.  Each tape included 2 episodes.  With 178 episodes, that would add up to a whopping $2,224 and change.  Probably more after shipping and handling and taxes.  Face it, that’s a lot of money.  When DVD’s first came onto the market, there wasn’t a lot of care given to putting tv shows on the new medium.  Typically you had a ‘straight transfer’ without any sort of digital enhancements.  I seem to remember those DVD’s retailing for around $100.

Over the years, I’d check in now and then and see where the DVD’s were prices.  Usually they were still on the high side, between $75-$100.  Even with my love for Trek, I could never bring myself to pay that kind of money.  I did get most of the movies.  The Next Gen movies were easier because new movies are always on sale.  Most of the older Trek flicks I picked up when they were digitally remastered.  But not any of the shows.

There’s a saying about the Powell women (maiden names) in my family holding grudges, and sometimes I think it jumped sexes and I got more than my fair share of that grudge holding power myself, but always over stupid shit.  Like the price of the Star Trek DVD’s. 😛

This weekend, I went to Sams Club to get some stuff, and while waiting for a forklift to drag a pallet down from a high shelf, I was staring at this Star Trek display.  On it were all these DVD’s; movies, ‘best ofs’ and a couple seasons of Next Gen (1 & 2).  All were very reasonably priced.  For example, S1 & 2 of Next Gen were only $26.99.  I found myself going through them all and pondering whether or not to buy them.  I didn’t.  But really, that was more about lack of funds than anything else.  Really, I was jazzed to see such reasonable pricing.  I know @GeekyJules has told me more than once that the prices are decent these days, but I hadn’t yet seen it with my own eyes.

I’ve actually watched a few old episodes of Next Gen, Voyager and DS9 on Netflix recently.  Just a few that I’ve picked seemingly at random.  But I haven’t had the desire to rewatch every single one of them until I was going through those DVD’s at Sams.

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  • Michaele Jordan Posted June 11, 2013 3:10 pm

    I watched Star Trek from the beginning. I started taping them (on BetaMax) in 1979. This was before the heyday of VHS and the Beta people never cared about marketing programming. (Their downfall, but that’s another story.) By the time I broke down and bought a VHS, I had an extensive collection and was VERY conscious how much it would cost to replace. But the show were always on TV, so I just started over building my collection on TV. Years later, I moved on to DVD. Saae thing. Purchasee one disk at a time, I might not have noticed how much it was costing, but6 in light of the whole collection, it was obviously out of the question. But the shows were always on Tv so. . . If they invented a brand new medium tomorrow (and I don’t mean Blu-Ray) I could do the whole process again. I love Star Trek. I don’t mind watching the reruns. And it’s always on TV.

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