A random thought: Snow

snow_lightThis is from the last big snow here in town.

I was walking to my car across a parking lot lightly dusted with snow.  By the time I get to work in the morning, half the lot is usually full, but by the time I leave, mine is one of a half dozen cars spread throughout the lot.  This means I have some walking to do, but that’s usually okay because I’m not getting any exercise with my ass on the phone for 10 hours a day.  But this night, the wind is bitter, the temperature dropping with every step.  I’d rather be in the car already.  I have my head down because I wear glasses, and having snow pelting the lenses will bug me in a way people who don’t wear glasses can’t quite understand.  The soft crunch of my shoes in the snow sounds loud because there is this massive quiet surrounding me.  The snow causes this.  There’s a major road not fifty feet from where I’m walking, cars pushing through the snow and ice faster than they should, yet no sound reaches me.  Just the crunch-crunch-crunch of my shoes.  And then I notice that the snow flakes are thick and wet.  My mind says this should make them fall quicker, but they seem to float on the wind, hovering as if unwilling to join the others on the ground.  This is when I see the shadows on the ground caused by the hovering snow and the light pole near my car.  They make patterns along my path and I wonder how I can incorporate them into some story or scene.