I got my Netflix back

netflixI mentioned recently that I have some new tv/dvr equipment.  What I think I failed to mention is that the new equipment, unlike my old TiVo, doesn’t support Netflix – which sucks.  I have come to miss Netflix immensely, even with all the stuff I have the ability to record now.

For example, I’ve really wanted to watch the new Netflix shows like Hemlock Grove.  Also, The Killing, season 2.  So with that in mind, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get Netflix back on the big tv.

My first thought was to use my XBOX 360, but when I did a little research and discovered I would have to subscribe to XBOX Gold Live – that nixed it for me.  Why would I want to pay for two services?  That’s just stupid.  And I already hate XBOX Live/online bullshit, so I am not going to give Microsoft any money for it.

That left me with getting another device.  Choices included: a Roku player, Apple TV, or a new DVD or BluRay player.  I’ve been using my XBOX for DVD watching ever since my DVD player died last year (or the year before?).  I’ve resisted the impulse to get a BluRay player for years now.  First, because I had a DVD player that worked just fine, and later, since I had the XBOX.  Would having Netflix back be worth getting a BluRay?

Apparently, the answer is yes.

I checked my bank account, didn’t cringe (for a change), and made a trip to BestBuy.  My criteria?  I wanted the least expensive player I could get that also supported Netflix.  A very helpful gent (a plus for BestBuy, where they usually bug the shit out of me), walked me over and said, “This one or that one?”  I eyed the two players with a $10 difference between them and asked, “Which is better?”

“This one has a better processor, so it’ll be faster, more responsive.”

“Sold.”  It helped that it was a Sony, and I’ve had Sony players before and liked them.


I brought it home and did a little rewiring of tv stuff, which I’d been planning to do for a while.  A long while.  I’d bought new surge protectors that were sitting around collecting dust, so I pulled everything out, cleaned and dusted behind the tv shelf, rearranged some things and hooked up the new BluRay.  I hard wired it to the router, which I’ve also done with the DVR.  The process to getting Netflix up and running included a trip to a Sony website, but once that was done, it was smooth sailing.

I have to say that I prefer the TiVo interface for Netflix, but the BluRay player caches quickly, never seems to pixelate or freeze, and looks absolutely freaking crisp and clear – and I’ve got it set to HD, 1080p.




  • Peter Posted May 10, 2013 5:46 am

    Hemlock Grove was an intriguing premise, but I thought it ended up being a hot mess… Not as good as American Horror Story or Netflix other show, House of Cards. I’m curious to check out the new season of Arrested Development.

    I never heard of The Killing.

    • Patrick Hester Posted May 10, 2013 9:37 am

      The Killing is a show from AMC based on a Danish tv show. It’s about the investigation into the murder of a girl named Rosie Larsen. That investigation touches on a local mayoral campaign and the nearby tribal lands / casino. The deeper the detectives dig, the more twists and turns they discover. The show has a very dark tone, and the main characters are very screwed up. Caught in the middle is the family of the girl, and they’re also very messed up.

      Great show.


  • Peter Posted May 10, 2013 9:45 am

    Cool. I’ll check it out. AMC has my favorite shows — Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead.

    I have TRX exercise equipment in front of my tv. It doesn’t get used unless I have an incentive…

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