ss_09I decided to take the laptop to work.  I wait as long as I can stand to take my lunch hour (usually around 3 pm, or 5 hours into my 11 hour schedule), then I go off into the quietest corner of the break area I can find, plug in my ear buds, crank up some Blues, and try to write something.  So far, so good.  I have managed to finish a project that has been languishing in a rewrite for a very long time, and I wrote a SS I’ve been thinking about for even longer.  The Epic Fantasy Novel still needs the last couple chapters to be done (plus a quick edit on those chapters).

The rewrite project is a novella.  The first draft I wrote, I had a couple folks read it and they liked it, but suggested I trim it to the standard 3-5k word short story length because ‘nobody is buying novellas’.  Okay.  Whatever.  To be honest, given the stetting and genre of the story, I think it would be difficult to sell anyway, so I didn’t trim it.  I did change it.  A lot.  Cut some characters.  Changed the middle and the end.  To be honest, I created this character so I could write a series of stories about him and I still intend to do that.  As for where he will find a home, well, having fallen behind due to the new job, I owe my email list members a couple of stories.  I figure a 19k novella would more than make up for that…