I’ve been taking my lunch to work with the new job. Mainly because they don’t want you to ever leave the building.  Mostly for convenience and to save money.  I also take my backpack because I have a lot of stuff to carry including promos, sale sheets, memos, so on and etc.  But it was starting to bug me that I was carrying so much with me.  Yes, my lunchbox – a coleman soft cooler thingie – works great, but I’d rather grab my backpack and go.

Enter the eBags Slim Lunch Box from eBags.


I found it online and ordered it after reading all the positive reviews.  It arrived last Friday!  Woo hoo!

Plenty of space inside:


A side by side comparison:


Also a shot with stuff in it to give you some scale and idea of what you can stuff inside:


And lastly, it fits into my laptop/backpack smooth as silk:





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