Witchcraft_and_SatyrsFebruary’s free eBook giveaway is now available for purchase via and Barnes and Noble! A lot of people downloaded Witchcraft & Satyrs when I gave it away to members of my email list, but now I’ve uploaded it to Amazon and B&N and I’m selling it for $0.99.

Description: When it came to witchcraft, everyone in Pucktow County, Kentucky, knew that Miss Zeia was the source… Responsible for the care and well being of those living within her county, Miss Zeia doesn’t turn a blind eye to anyone, be they the farmers who tend the land bordering the old forest, or the magical creatures who live inside of it. When one such farmer comes calling with a tale of rampaging Satyrs, Miss Zeia takes to the hills and hollers to set things right, and maybe have a piece of sweet potato pie and a cup of homebrew, if the opportunity presents itself…

Check it out at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, tell your friends, write a review.  🙂