MC900433817“It’s Good Friday!”

“Good? Man – it’s Great Friday!  I have the day off!”

“Right, but it’s still just Good Friday.”

“You are nuts. Having Friday off makes it Great.”

“No, no – see, it’s Good Friday.”

“Maybe for you.  You have to work.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with working or not working.  It’s just Good Friday.”

“Say what you will, but if I have the day off, it’s Great Friday.”

“Think about it, first comes Fat Tuesday-”

“Hey! My clothes shrunk a little, that’s all.  No need to call me fat.”

“What?  No.  I’m not calling you fat-”

‘You just said I was fat on Tuesday!”

“No, no – see, first comes Fat Tuesday, followed by Good Friday.”

“That’s just incredibly rude.  I can’t help it when my clothes shrink up.  And any day I have off is great, so it’s Great Friday.”

“I don’t think you are understanding.”

“No, you’re not understanding how great it is to have Friday off.”

“Oh, God.”

“Don’t bring God into this!”