Official Description: Academy Awardr winner Renee Zellweger stars in this terrifying supernatural thriller about a social worker who has been assigned th e unusual and disturbing case of Lillith Sullivan a girl with a strange and mysterious past. When Emily (Renee Zellweger) opens her home in an attempt to help Lillith it turns into a deadly nightmare she may not survive. Co starring Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) Case 39 is a heart-stopping chiller with startling surprises that lead to a shocking and sinister ending.

Unofficial Description: Not fantastic, but also not the worst horror/thriller I’ve seen lately.  This flick suffers from the creepy kid syndrome.  Zellewger does okay as the social worker who cares about each and everyone of her kids, sometimes, a little too much.  When she comes across one in particular who gets inside her emotional defenses, all hell breaks loose.  Some surprises included Bradley Cooper in what felt like a bit part, and Callum Keith Rennie (from Battlestar) playing the dad from hell you want to hate – or is he?! DUN DUN DUN!

There was nothing here that I couldn’t predict or see coming.