Not all posts can be well thought out works of…uh…art?

Sitting here today, staring at my computer and wishing that my brain would get going, I let my eyes run across the items I have assembled here that amuse and inspire me.  Yes, I have the iMac (now on a raised platform with the keyboard snuggled underneath), and the MacBook Pro, Podcasting mic, lamp, stapler, but there are other things I think you might find interesting.



This was a Taco Bell giveaway, I believe.  Have had it forever.  Like having him around.  And maybe using him to try to make John Anealio laugh when we’re in a Google Hangout…

Random Oan.


They are the Guardians, creators of the Green Lantern Corps…  And they have gigantic heads…

Giant basket o’dice…


Everyone has one of these, right?

USS Enterprise, CVN-65 cap.


Courtesy of a friend who was in the navy.  I’ve had this hat since the early 90’s…



Rituals are funny things.  I used to turn off all the lights and light a candle whenever I was writing.  There was just something about the darkness and the soft glow of the candle that I found conducive to writing.  I don’t do this much anymore, but on occasion…

Tiny Princess Lea inside of R2D2.


I’m pretty sure this was a Taco Bell thing too.



My friends from Conventry, UK, sent this to me a few years back.  The interesting thing was, the iMac didn’t like it one bit.  If I plugged it into the iMac, and then plugged devices into the hub, the iMac would kick it off and shut the port down, forcing me to reboot.  It claimed the devices were trying to pull too much power.  Now I have it plugged into a POWERED USB hub and it does fine.

Two Green Lanterns and a Poozer.


I’ll let you decide who the poozer is here.  We have a Super Friends era Hal Jordan (squeeze his legs and his ring-hand shoots up!), a movie-era Hal (ugh.) and, of course, everyone’s favorite alien GL; Kilowag.  His favorite turn of phrase?  Poozer.  (rookie or useless rookie)

My Lightsaber (AKA a universal remote control).


This came to me via a sales guy who saw it at a garage sale and said it spoke to him.  What did it say?  “This is the lightsaber Patrick needs…”  He bought it and presented it to me the next time he was in the office.  I was amused.  I have never actually put batteries in it or tried to use it, but I do like having it around.

Recently, John Anealio, Carrie Cuinn and I were messing around on a Google Hangout while recording a Functional Nerds episode (we use the video so we don’t talk over each other as much).  I said something about how they were both bright in the video, but my video was dark – this is due to my being backlit while they’re lit from the front.  I also had my black hoodie on and joked about being a Sith.  While John was deep in thought, Carrie threw on her own hood and looked all Jedi, so I put mine on, leaned back to increase the shadows on my face, and snatched up this lightsaber.

I thought Carrie was gonna bust out laughing.  🙂

…we are the Borg. Existence as you know it is over…


Locutus and some random Borg drone.  Have had these forever.  Still remember the first Star Trek convention I ever went to.  My friend David and I decided to go.  When we got there, a guy dressed in a kick-ass Borg costumer was standing outside smoking.  It totally blew the effect of seeing a Bord standing there for us 😛

Data as a Romulan.


Again, have had this forever.  It’s from the ep of STTNG where Spock was on Ronulas and Picard and Data went to find him.

Captain America.


Saw this in the store after the movie came out.  Cap wasn’t a favorite character of mine, but I liked the movie, and decided to snag this figure (which as on clearance :P).

“I… am Optimus Prime…”


Who is the coolest fucking robot who looks like a truck in the whole-wide universe?  That’s right – Prime.

The SDF-1.


Who is the coolest space ship that transforms into a giant freaking robot in the whole-side universe?  That’s right – the SDF-1…



Rick Hunter’s Veritech Fighter from Robotech.  Oh yeah…

Max Sterling’s Veritech.


Rick Hunter may have had the cool, skull and crossbones Veritech, but everyone knew Max was the best.  Until he met Miriya…

Okay.  I’ve shared some of the stuff I surround myself with (not including all the books and posters…).  What are some of the things you have around your writing area or on your desk?


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  • Paul (@princejvstin) Posted February 7, 2013 3:00 pm

    I have a Rooty the Griffin stuffie on my desk at work. That’s about it…

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